We want to be able to provide brides, special events and your homes with flora all year long. Each season, we specifically choose flowers to grow that have the longest vase life and best drying ability. This intention reduces waste and also allows us to hold on to the good feeling of freshly cultivated blooms for a much longer period of time. Instead of outsourcing flowers from warmer climates, we can continue to support one another and seasonality.


A big aspect of our creation is repurposing material. When we make wreaths and bouquets, flowers pop off the stems all the time. This used to disappoint us, as that gorgeous, dried flower couldn't be designed with anymore. We could never find it in ourselves to just toss them. We kept them all in a box and began using them as packing material. Their fluffy petals keep creations safe, and the sweet smells greet recipients.


Eventually, we began experimenting with turning flowers, seed pods, and wild offerings into jewelry. With much trial and error, we have created a method to make durable and vibrant botanical accessories. There is a whimsical elegance to them, and we quite enjoy the process.

We would be happy to try and create any flower vision you have in mind. Currently, we design bouquets, adult and youth flower crowns, hair combs, wreaths, jewelry, boutonnieres, corsages, and arbor accents.