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Maria is the maker responsible for silybum creation. Her soul lives in the tip of a pencil, her dancing feet and in the dirt under her fingernails. She sources meaning from passion, and dedicates her days to practice and creation. She is empowered by the versions of Self that she has invented and is constantly inspired to meet the parts that develop next. Everyday is full of uncertainty and intention. Her art is deeply infused with imagination, earth, and soul. 

Silybum Shoot.jpg


Silybum Arts is a Maine coast flower farm and art studio focusing on dried floral design, hand built ceramic, and seasonality. Maria sources inspiration from the deep, whimsical pockets of Maine woodlands, mountains and coastline. Her creations represent a curious and youthful nature that we are all drawn to. An item that connects you to a wild space, moment, or idea. 



The flower gardens and art studio are located in historic Arrowsic, ME, a small island just outside of Bath. The sun stretches to every corner of the property and the island has a long history of bridging people to their dreams. Silybum Arts is dedicated to minimal waste, sustainable growing, slow creation and ethical business practice. Maria's designs are carefully thought out and created with the intention to capture the drama, color, and transition of the wild that inspires her.


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