Cultivate your love for flowers


If you have a deep appreciation for locally grown flowers, you can join our flower CSA to receive weekly fresh bouquets, dried arrangements in the fall, and workshops that teach you how to create beautiful designs of your own!



  • The CSA will begin in mid July when a majority of the flower varieties are in bloom. There is an option to extend your share to include dried arrangements beginning in October. 

  • 11 week membership from July 19-September 27 is $165. It will include a weekly pickup of one fresh and unique bouquet created with sustainably homegrown flowers. Your bouquet will consist of varieties that can be dried. I encourage you to dry your bouquets and join us for our dried floral arrangement workshops in the fall! 


    • A three month membership (October 11, November 8, and December 13) of off season arrangements - $160. In October you will receive one dried bouquet valued at $30, in Novemeber you will receive an 8'' dried floral partial wreath valued at $65, and in December you will receive a unique 10” evergreen wreath valued at $65.

    • Two workshops on dried floral design - $60 each. For these workshops you will take the bouquets you have been drying throughout the summer and turn them into beautiful creations. The first workshop (October 18) will cover how to create a dried floral wreath. I will provide all the materials you need aside from the flowers. If you would like me to provide flowers for the workshop, it is an extra $30. The second workshop (November 15) will cover how to make a dried floral crown that you can save to wear on a special occasion, gift to someone, or just rock on a random Tuesday. Each workshop will be two hours long and hopefully in person in the yurt! If Covid 19 social distancing recommendations are still in effect, I will send you your supplies and we can meet on Zoom! Due to the cost of putting these workshops on we will need a minimum of five participants. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in these workshops even without being part of the summer share. To select this option, choose the workshop(s) of your choice with the "flowers needed" description.

  • To dry your flowers, hang them upside down in a dark and dry environment. Flowers typically take two weeks to dry. If you seperate your bouquet into bunches of each variety, it will be easier to use later on. 

  • Pickup for flowers and workshops will occur at the farm in Arrowsic, Maine! 

  • Due to this being our first year coordinating this CSA, we will only have ten slots available. 

2021 Flower CSA