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Diana, guardian of the tides, made a promise to protect all the life in the sea with her dearest companion, the blue spotted octopus - or in this case, the gold spotted octopus.


whatever she touches comes back to life - a coral reef, faded to a ghostly white, quickly returns to color under her fingertips.


white stoneware fired to cone 6 // handsculpted mermaid vessel, octopus and coral base adorned with vibrant underglaze and gold luster


** This piece suffered from some serious cracking along the base (clay body issue) that has been repaired with water tight apoxy sculpt. Treasures from my collection were pressed into the epoxy and it was texturized to blend in with the piece. It will not hold water, as water always finds its way through the cracks. Happy to put together a dried floral piece to stage her with! Or you can collect your own treasures. There is a photo of the base with repairs above - discounted accordingly

DIANA // mermaid vessel

$525.00 Regular Price
$420.00Sale Price
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