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These arrangements are new to the Silybum collection. When suspended as a floral chandelier, they add an elegant and whimsical element to the space.


Dried flowers are best displayed indoors, out of direct light and in a low humidity environment.


Although I prefer to hand these off in person, I am willing to try and ship them. Due to the uncertainty of how they will arrive, I have discounted the price. All I can tell you is while I was photographing these I dropped one from six feet up and it lost only one flower. They are very fluffy and light. I predict they will act as their own packing material.


Diameter is roughly 9" with some pieces that splay out further. For selection // the "blue ball" is the creation featured in the photo of the this listing and the "warm ball" is the other in the picture of them both.

Dried Flower Kissing Balls

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