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Angela wanders the sea collecting treasures with her greatest companion, the giant pacific octopus. She adorns her tail with them. Badges of adventure.


gritty white stoneware fired to cone 6 // hand sculpted mermaid vessel adorned with octopus friend, coral reef creatures and earth treasures.


** this piece had some serious glaze drip and stuck to the shelf. It lost some chunks of its tail around the base on the front and the sides upon removal. The blemishes have been repaired with a watertight epoxy (apoxy sculpt). I pressed crystals, coral, shells, and sea glass from my collections into the epoxy and texturized it to blend in with the rest of the piece. It is arguably more beautiful than it was before! but has been discounted accordingly. Water tight!

ANGELA // mermaid vessel

$695.00 Regular Price
$590.75Sale Price
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