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Longing is beginning to outgrow her house. When I was sculpting her, I kept accidentally making all the limbs too long. It made the whole process of creation much longer. Taking limbs off and shrinking them to fit into what we had planned for Longing seemed easier than to build a whole new house that had enough space for her to grow and stretch her legs.

Instead of being frustrated with Longing for not feeling willing to take some action, I let her ruminate in her shrunken state. I let her hand fall over her eyes, and her legs bend at the knee.

I left three flowers at her feet. A love note. A gentle reminder that it’s okay to let your imagination wander with a dream as long as you are also grounded in your environment. You have to endure the uncomfortable changes that come with growth. This part of the cycle cannot be skipped, although many of us try to, and it may send us back a few steps to Rage or Guilt. Some of us can also get stuck in Longing, and it can lead to the next emotional weight in this series: Envy.

Longing // Emotional Weight Sculpture

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