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The wobbly wheel slowing you down.

“Women’s anger has been dismissed for generations. My anger has been dismissed for decades. For most of our lives we’ve been told we don’t really feel what we feel.

I do think anger is sometimes a mask, a safer thing to feel than threatened or wounded or sad. Anger is a handy container for sorrow so deep it wails.

But sometimes anger is pure. Straight. Solitary. Pissed and holy. Anger can be morally, physically, archaically, down to my most private places violated, offended exasperated provoked and choked and pressed and denied and hot and heavy, outright fury.

Feminine rage is what the heart mind does when things are not okay in the world. It is the truth that some things are just not okay.”

- Karin Carlson from Kali and Feminine Rage

A rough and raw Self portrait.

Rage // Emotional Weight Sculpture

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