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If you have experienced the depths of Sorrow’s howl, you know it is powered by the pain of many souls. It is the collective cry of all our ancestors. A feeling much bigger than ourselves. Sorrow pulls her knees in, buries her face, and chooses to feel it all. Hopelessness. Shame. Guilt. Self loathing. She acknowledges that she cannot shift from this place unless a drastic change is made, and upheld. Holding herself close, she searches for the motivation to go on. Sorrow interacts with the questions that can sometimes feel too overwhelming to think about. What is the purpose of this life? Am I fulfilling what I was sent here to do? Sorrow’s cycle is slow moving. Endless. Hard to break. Sometimes, the only way to get out is to go in, no matter how much it hurts. She is willing. She knows she can only build from this, but she has to do something that has always felt nearly impossible first: Pause.

Sorrow // Emotional Weight Sculpture

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